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Typing Spanish Accents and Symbols in Ubuntu Linux

Typing Spanish characters on a computer keyboard laid out for English speakers can be cumbersome. Thankfully, Ubuntu Linux offers a way to make it easy with little interference to your English typing. The key to easily typing non-English characters—especially those from a language like Spanish—is switching to a different keyboard layout than the default. You can use the Character Map instead, but it is more cumbersome and not recommended if you type in Spanish frequently. How to Switch to a Spanish-Capable Keyboard The procedure for typing Spanish accents, letters, and symbols as explained here is based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial Xerus). It should work in other distributions using the Gnome desktop. Otherwise, details will vary with the distribution. To change or add the keyboard layout in Ubuntu, select Preferences from the System Tools menu, and then select Keyboard. Click on Text Entry (other versions may say Layouts) to add or change the keyboard layout. For U.S. residents using English as a first language, the best choice (and the one explained here) is the USA International (with dead keys) layout. The USA International (with dead keys) layout gives you two ways of typing Spanish letters (and the letters of some other European languages) with diacritical marks: the dead-key method and the RightAlt method. Using Dead Keys The keyboard layout sets up two dead keys. These are keys that seem to do nothing when you press them, but they actually affect the following letter you type. The two dead keys are the apostrophe/quotation key (usually to the right of the colon key) and the tilde/opening-single-quote key (usually to the left of the one key). Pressing the apostrophe key will place an acute accent (like on the à ©) on the following letter. So to type an à © with the dead-key method, press the apostrophe key and then the e. To make a capital accented É, press and release the apostrophe, and then press the shift key and e at the same time. This works for all of the Spanish vowels (as well as some other letters used in other languages). To type the à ±, the tilde key is used as the dead key. Press the shift and tilde keys at the same time (as if you were typing a stand-alone tilde), release them, then press the n key. To type the à ¼, press the shift and apostrophe/quotation key at the same time (as if you were typing a double quotation mark), release them, and then press the u key. One problem with the use of dead keys is that they dont work well for their original function. To type an apostrophe, for example, you have press the apostrophe key and follow that with the space bar. Using the RightAlt Method The USA International (with dead keys) layout gives you a second method of typing the accented letters, as well as the only method for Spanish punctuation. This method uses the RightAlt key (usually to the right of the space bar) pressed at the same time as another key. For example, to type the à ©, press the RightAlt key and the e at the same time. If you want to capitalize it, you need to press three keys simultaneously: the RightAlt, e, and shift keys. Similarly, the RightAlt key can be used in conjunction with the question mark key to make the inverted question mark, and with the one key to make the inverted exclamation point. Here is a summary of the Spanish characters and symbols you can make with the RightAlt key: à ¡ — RightAlt aà  — RightAlt Shift aà © — RightAlt eÉ — RightAlt e Shiftà ­ — RightAlt ià  — RightAlt i Shiftà ± — RightAlt nÑ — RightAlt n Shiftà ³ — RightAlt oÓ — RightAlt o Shiftà º — RightAlt uÚ — RightAlt u Shiftà ¼ — RightAlt yÃÅ" — RightAlt y Shift ¿ — RightAlt ? ¡ — RightAlt ! « — RightAlt [ » — RightAlt ] If you choose to take this approach, note that this is called the RightAlt method. These techniques do not work with the Alt key on the left side of the keyboard. Drawbacks Unfortunately, the USA International (with dead keys) layout doesnt appear to offer a way to type the quotation dash (also called a long dash or em dash). For those who are more familiar with Linux, you can modify the xmodmap file or use various utilities to remap a key on the keyboard to make that symbol readily available. How to Switch Between Standard and International Keyboards The frequency with which you use Spanish characters when typing will determine what keyboard approach to use. For example, if you spend most of your time writing in English, the dead apostrophe key of the dead-key method can become annoying. One solution is to install two keyboard layouts using the Keyboard configuration tool. To easily switch between layouts, install the Keyboard Indicator in one of your panels. Right-click on a panel, select Add to Panel, and then select Keyboard Indicator. Once its installed, you can click on it anytime to switch layouts. Using the Character Map The Character Map provides a graphical display of all the characters available and can be used to select characters one by one for insertion in your document. In Ubuntu Linux, the Character Map is available by selecting the Applications menu, then the Accessories menu. The Spanish letters and punctuation can be found in the Latin-1 Supplement listing. To insert a character in your document, double-click on it, then click Copy. Then you can paste it in your document in the normal way, depending on your application.

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Should Feds Continue with Expansionary Monetary Policy or...

Over the past few years, the Fed had been trying to heal the economy from the recession by lowering the interest rate near zero in order to raise the inflation, increasing the price of housing and household wealth. This will encourage more people to buy products or services, causing an increase in consumers spending. Based on the data given by the U.S. Department of Commerce today, the economy is now healing from the recession with the expansionary monetary policy. However, some people argue that it takes too long for the recovery to happen and suggests that it is time for the Fed to come out with an exit strategy. However, I think the Fed should stick with its policy because it manages to improve the economy. Therefore, I think the Fed†¦show more content†¦Based on his statement, the cyclical unemployment will lead to structural unemployment in a long period of time. When this becomes structural unemployment, unemployed may lose the skills over time, causing them to be less committed to the labor force and the economy. In order to solve this situation, the Fed has to consider the unemployment rate. If the unemployment rate rises, then Fed will need to think of an exit from expansionary policy. But if the unemployment rates decreases, then the Fed can stick to its policy. As for the other concerns, some were worried the inflation rate caused by the expansionary policy. They are afraid that it might unleash higher inflation and that inflationary expectations are bound to jump at any time. By solving this situation, the Fed had to closely monitor the inflation rate. If it is below the expectation, then Fed can stick with the policy. If not, Fed will have to consider about the exit strategy. Changes in interest rate will impact on the economy. It can affect the consumption spending, the inflation rate, the unemployment and employment rate, and the GDP. Consumption spending is affected by interest rate is because when the interest rate is low, people will be willing to borrow money from bank and spend it on goods or services, allowing the spending to go up. When the spending goes up, the inflation and GDP will increase. Then,Show MoreRelatedThe Economic Crisis Of Western Central Banks Essay2433 Words   |  10 Pagesin 2008, western central banks have since applied a series of unconventional monetary policies besides normal ones. One of the characteristics of the unconventional policies is the intended near-to-zero interest rates, so those policies are also named Zero Interest Rate Policies (ZIRP). ZIRP are designed to help the financial market escape from the â€Å"liquidity trap†, a situation in which normal expansionary monetary policies fail to decrease intere st rates below zero and thus become ineffective. WithoutRead MoreThe Risk Associated With Currency Exposure1610 Words   |  7 Pagesfluctuations in exchange rates and how that risk relates to our organization; Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc. (CCE). Serving customers for the last 128 years, our products are now available in more than 200 countries around the world. As our global presence continues to grow, so too does our exposure to fluctuations in currencies other than our base currency, the US dollar. Worldwide, we own assets and owe liabilities, earn revenues and pay expenses in 71 foreign currencies . As such, it is now more importantRead MoreEurope Economic Crisis55278 Words   |  222 Pagesotherwise indicated, the texts are published under the responsibility of the Directorate-General for Economic and Financial Affairs of the European Commission, BU24, B-1049 Brussels, to which enquiries other than those related to sales and subscriptions should be addressed. LEGAL NOTICE Neither the European Commission nor any person acting on its behalf may be held responsible for the use which may be made of the information contained in this publication, or for any errors which, despite careful preparation

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Influences on Belizean Youths Free Essays

Influences on Belizean Youths As we the year passes by it is less common to see any youth showing how proud they are of their culture by dressing and practicing the aspects that their culture represents. It is more common to see the influences that other countries have brought into our country and which have caused a cultural erasure especially in the lives of us the young one. However, society tends to see these changes and take in mind as it doesn’t affect our origins and from where we initiated. We will write a custom essay sample on Influences on Belizean Youths or any similar topic only for you Order Now Presently today it is very rare to see any youth dressing according to their culture, listening to cultural music and eating cultural food that once used to be the delicacy and cuisine of Belize. For the way of dressing of the youths in Belize, there is more skinny jeans and miniskirts than garifuna headbands and maya mipils. The clothing used here in our country has been influenced by the clothing weared in the United States or other foreign countries. It is visible anywhere because the only ones wearing cultural dressings are the elderly who live in villages but rarely anyone living in towns and in the city. At school you can see that every youth will be dressing fashion according to other societies of the foreign. Now a day’s young girls and boys only speak about Emporio Armani and E- hardy. At stores you can see that there are only important clothing brands on sale of which the designers are foreign and very famous. Music plays an important role for a young adult because that is the way they identify themselves. In this generation most youngsters will listen to hip-hop, rap, regeaton, rock, reage, etc. but for sure never any Rancheras. The closest cultural music found in our country is Punta. Closest I say because today Punta has been mixed with foreign music in order to form Punta rock. The present artists in our country would be Supa-G, Gilhary 7 and Youth Connection Band, which all of them base their music in Punta. Also the influence of music can be seen in our same Belizean arists. Those who participate in Duets and K-TV Latino would only perform foreign songs and never any cultural presentation. It is sadly that our most famous artist, Andy Palacio, who stuck to his culture and sang in Garifuna his Punta songs, has passed away. Will there be any other who would want to follow Andy’s example? Even the food here in Belize has changed as the years passes by. The influences in Belizean diets comes from England, the US and Mexico especially for the youths. At school you can see that students prefer to buy food that is not Belizean such as enchiladas and quesadillas. The most common Belizean cousin that has not lost popularity in our country is the rice and beans although some still prefer Chinese burger or fry chicken. It is true that foreign cousins have a delicious flavor and are very appetizing but so is the food prepared that once our elderly used to cook for us, being 100% Belizean. Belize is a very beautiful home land for us Belizeans and we should appreciate such heritage given to us by our ethnic groups. It is very clear that our culture is being left behind and that the influences of other countries are impacting our youths. The way they dress, the music they listen to and the food they eat all can be seen that there is foreign influence. Belizean youth must not forget that they form part of an ethnic group and that they represent the future of Belize so if they forget their origins so will Belizean history. How to cite Influences on Belizean Youths, Papers

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My Favorite Room Essays (528 words) - Rooms, Handheld Game Consoles

My Favorite Room My Favorite Room Created By My Recreation room is an excellent place to lounge; it is the den in my home. Where my family can listen to music, or just getaway from the rat race of society. This den offers superior comfort and entertainment. It is a no work area, which creates a soothing and peaceful environment. This room represents total rest and relaxation for the whole family. My family enjoys the den, because the air is cool with the slight fragrance of lemon pledge. The floors are of very thick soft carpet, for walking or lying. The ceilings are a mere six-feet, and walls of paneling in light colored oak. There is one window on each side of the room and one entrance door. The room has soft wall lighting and a comfortable living room suit for watching movies. The furniture is large and of contemporary styling. The couch has all the lazy boy features and is made of the finest soft Italian leather. In front of that is a large coffee table of thick glass supported by thick gray marble and end tables that match. The entertainment center is a full wall unit made of red oak. The entertainment center offers a wood bound big screen television. It has awesome surround sound and complete remote features. It is equipped with a digital videodisc player, that adds to the televisions clarity for life like action movies. The center also houses a full collection of digital videodisc movies for the families viewing pleasure. The stereo is located in the top of the wall unit. It consists of a high-end receiver, a digital optical compact disc player, and the traditional double cassette player. These items allow very high quality music to be played at high and low volumes. The speakers are carefully placed to allow my family and guest to hear real quality surround. On the sides of the center are CD racks that have a wide array of music. There are two types of games available, a Nintendo 64 and a pool table. The pool table is a Brunswick Bristol with a slate top and quiet rubber pockets. This table and Nintendo allows for the family to enjoy a friendly game during the day for stress relief and recreation. A refrigerator is available with soothing refreshments and hardy snacks for family and friends to enjoy. A few other features have been added to create an environment with reduced stress and enhanced relaxation. The installation of soundproofing was added to the walls for reduction of outside noise and greater acoustics. Some rules were put in place to maintain a peace of mind, Music must be at low volumes at night, and Games will only be played during the day. These rules will allow the preservation of the rooms serenity. This den has the properties of rest and relaxation for the whole family. It would be almost impossible not to enjoy this room. This room may not be the dream of everyone, but it is one of mine. It allows the family to sit and rest and enjoy life together in peace and harmony. English Essays

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Investigating radioactive decay using coins Essays

Investigating radioactive decay using coins Essays Investigating radioactive decay using coins Essay Investigating radioactive decay using coins Essay Research question: Does our radioactive modeling with coins illustrate radioactive decay? Hypothesis: I believe that it is possible to illustrate radioactive decay by trying to model it using coins. Radioactive decay is a random process and is not affected by external conditions. This means that there is no way of knowing whether or not a nucleus is going to decay within a certain period of time. However, due to the large numbers of atoms involved we can make some accurate predictions. For example, if we start with a given number of atoms then we can expect a certain number to decay in the next minute. If there were more atoms in the sample, we would expect the number decaying to be larger. As a result the rate of decay of a sample is directly proportional to the number of atoms in the sample. This proportionality means that radioactive decay is an exponential process. As a result, I believe that we can model radioactive decay using coins because by chance we should get half of the coins left each time which is exactly what half-life is. Variables: Independent variable: I am not sure about this one because I dont really think there is an independent variable in this investigation because we arent changing anything other than the number of parent coins every time we throw them. Dependant variable: Similarly, there is no real dependant variable due to the fact that there is no independent variable. Controlled Variables: Despite the fact that we cannot really identify any independent and dependant variables there are several variables that we should control. First of all, the drop height must be kept the same in all experiments and this can be done by using a rule to measure the height each time. Also the type of coins and the surface which the coins hit must be kept the same. Method of experiment: 1. Find a place where there is plenty of area so that the coins can bounce off freely. (Remember the surface must be kept the same). 2. Drop the 32 coins of the one type (lets call them parent coins) on a flat surface. 3. Count and remove all of the parent coins which are head-side up- these have decayed, 4. Replace the head-side up coins with the same number of the other type of coin ( lets call them the daughter coins) you are using. 5. Record the number of parent and daughter coins you have onto a chart and repeat the process until no parent coin is left. Method of Collecting Data: 1. In order to get accurate results do your experiment about three times and then do an average. Data Collection and Processing Data collection: Tables showing the number of parent and daughter coins at each step (Trial 1) Data presentation: Now in order to answer my research question it is vital that we draw a graph because if the graph illustrates an exponential decay curve then it would support my theory that you can in fact model radioactive decay but if it doesnt illustrate an exponential curve then it wouldnt support my theory. Conclusion and Evaluation Conclusion: In essence, the results support my theory that it is possible to model radioactive decay using coins. From the first graph we can clearly see that we have an exponential graph which is what radioactive decay is due to the fact that the rate of decay of a sample is directly proportional to the number of atoms in the sample. The other graph serves to illustrate that as the decay of the radioactive parent nuclei occurs, there is an increase in the stable daughter nuclei. Speaking about errors in this modeling exercise is very hard because this isnt really an experiment. All we are really doing is throwing coins onto a flat surface and looking at the outcome i. e. the number of head-side up parent coins. Systematic errors couldnt have occurred because we arent using any instruments to measure anything. The only random error that could have occurred would be us missing one of the head-side up coins and not removing it when we had to. Evaluation: Again because this isnt an experiment in which we have a definite independent variable and a dependant variable, there are no real weaknesses or limitations that occurred. The only weakness I can think of is that this modeling exercise relies a lot on chance. In other words, it just might have been so that not approximately half of the coins were taken of each time. It would have been a total mess if for example the first few tries only 1 coin is head-side up and then after lets say the 5th try all of them come up as head-side up. That would totally mess all the results and wouldnt support the theory of radioactivity. Other than that I cannot think of any weaknesses. Improvements: Thinking of realistic improvement for this modeling exercise isnt possible because it is a modeling exercise and not an experiment. However, it never hurts to take more trial perhaps- 10 trials and then taking averages. This would give more accurate results but then again because this experiment relies too much on chance, doing 10 trials might make the results even worse. Another improvement can be is to use much more coins, for example a hundred coins. This gives a greater possibility to monitor radioactive decay. I am sorry that I couldnt do all experiments but as you know we- the chemists- also had to do chemistry investigations and therefore we didnt have enough time to do all the experiments.

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Emotional Poems for Veterans Day

Emotional Poems for Veterans Day When emotions take over, the poet within you often emerges. These Veterans Day excerpts from poems touch the heart and soul of every patriot. They will send chills down your spine. They bring the horror of war home. If you know a veteran, share these words to let them know their devotion to country is important and appreciated. Veterans Day Poems Stephen Crane War Is Kind Do not weep, babe, for war is kind.Because your father tumbles in the yellow trenches,Raged at his breast, gulped and died,Do not weep.War is kind. Philip Freneau On the Departure of the British From Charleston But fame is theirs - and future daysOn pillard brass shall tell their praise;Shall tell - when cold neglect is dead - These for their country fought and bled. Walt Whitman Leaves of Grass I saw battle-corpses, myriads of them,And the white skeletons of young men - I saw them;I saw the debris and debris of all the dead soldiers of the war;But I saw they were not as was thought;They themselves were fully at rest - they suffer’d not;The living remain’d and suffer’d  - the mother suffer’d,And the wife and the child, and the musing comrade suffer’d,And the armies that remain’d suffer’d. Edgar Guest The Things That Make a Soldier Great Endanger but that humble street whereon his children run,You make a soldier of the man who never bore a gun.What is it through the battle smoke the valiant soldier sees? John McCrae In Flanders Fields In Flanders fields the poppies blowBetween the crosses, row on row,That mark our place; and in the skyThe larks, still bravely singing, flyScarce heard amid the guns below. Li Po Nefarious War In the battlefield men grapple each other and die;The horses of the vanquished utter lamentable cries to heaven,While ravens and kites peck at human entrails,Carry them up in their flight, and hang them on the branches of dead trees. Rudyard Kipling Tommy Its Tommy this, and Tommy that,And chuck him out the brute,But its Savior of his Country,When the guns begin to shoot. Siegfried Sassoon Aftermath But the past is just the same - and War’s a bloody game...Have you forgotten yet?...Look down, and swear by the slain of the War that you’ll never forget. Wilfred Owen Anthem for Doomed Youth What passing-bells for these who die as cattle?Only the monstrous anger of the guns.Only the stuttering rifles’ rapid rattleCan patter out their hasty orisons. Alfred, Lord Tennyson The Charge of the Light Brigade Half a league, half a league,Half a league onward,All in the valley of DeathRode the six hundred.‘Forward, the Light Brigade!Charge for the guns!’ he said:Into the valley of DeathRode the six hundred. Elizabeth Barrett Browning Mother and Poet Dead! One of them shot by the sea in the east,And one of them shot in the west by the sea.Dead! both my boys! When you sit at the feastAnd are wanting a great song for Italy free,Let none look at me! Sophie Jewett Armistice We pray the fickle flag of truceStill float deceitfully and fair;Our eyes must love its sweet abuse;This hour we will not care,Though just beyond to-morrows gate,Arrayed and strong, the battle wait.

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Made In The USA Still Means Something Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Made In The USA Still Means Something - Essay Example Sirkin believes that public’s growing concerns need to alleviated and positive picture should be brought forward. Sirkin supports this view by informing the readers that US is still producing goods of 2.5 percent more worth than China, which is considered to be the biggest manufacturing industry today. Even in the last year, US reported to export goods worth $1.377 trillion (Sirkin, 2009). Sirkin concludes his article by providing the right course of action which involves effort on the part of the policymakers and managers. In order to understand Sirkin’s perspective, we must be aware that outsourcing is slowly killing the manufacturing industry of US since MNEs are interested in investing R&D in the outsourced countries. Sirkin is taking for granted the fact the certain figures have dropped drastically in the past year and China is quickly catching up despite being a developing economy. Also US, by focusing on manufacturing for only certain sectors such as chemical and aircrafts, is giving way to China as the world’s largest manufacturer. If we take Sirkin’s argument seriously, we should realize that now is the time to act when US is still the biggest manufacturing industry. If the pessimism continues, US will lose its power to the outsourcing countries and the manufacturing industry will be outdated in the true sense. Sirkin has provided a way forward by pointing out that the outdated manufacturing plants can easily be replaced with state-of-the-art manufacturing plants if we clo se the old ones down and make way through policies and actions for new